About Us

About Prime Stratix

We're not an ordinary social media agency or website development company; we're the professionals you go to for the highest quality results. We are your partner in the pursuit of success.

Our journey began as 3 individuals with a strong moral compass, and together we proposed the idea for a business model where we could help ourselves and others at the same time.

Naturally, in the ever expanding online world we chose to pursue a path as a digital marketing agency but one that radiates prime strategies in marketing, thus Prime Stratix.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions that drive growth, engagement and profits for our clientele. Your Success Is Our Success.

At Prime Stratix we handle all client projects with the utmost professionalism with the aid of our expert teams. Thanks to our wonderful network of people we advise the industries brightest to deliver your tailored solutions

Our Leadership Team

Meet the visionaries driving our success

Maiwand Kakar

Maiwand Kakar

Founder, Full Stack Developer

Maiwand, our visionary founder and full-stack developer, leads our tech innovations with passion and precision.

Elias Azimi

Elias Azimi

Founder, Content Creator & SEO Specialist

Elias, our creative co-founder and SEO specialist, crafts captivating content optimized for maximum visibility, adding depth to our brand story.

Sultan Jeddi

Sultan Jeddi

Founder, Client Acquisition, Advisor

Sultan, our dynamic co-founder, drives client growth and serves as a strategic advisor, fueling our team's success.